Who Said Vacuuming Isn’t Glamorous?

Take this CHORE and turn it into something MORE!

Get a Miele canister vacuum and your can perform this pose just like Marilyn!
Get a Miele canister vacuum and your can perform this pose just like Marilyn!

The OSCARS are coming! The opulent attire, striking red carpet poses, soaring melodies and clever quips…Are you on GLAMOUR overload or what? These award ceremonies are an acknowledgement of the raw talent and hard, grueling work that go into creating cinematic masterpieces. Movie production and the magic of the silver screen are indeed marvels to behold. Yet we become equally captivated simply by what the stars wear! Are we lacking something in our daily lives that makes us crave drama, perfume and sparkly things? Do we suffer from “glamour-itis” like some sort of vitamin deficiency? If so, what can we do to get our fair dose in a way that we can swallow?

GLAMOUR is an exciting, alluring or fascinating attractiveness. A great outfit and fresh makeup help me feel that way! It’s about concealing flaws and accentuating my best features to elicit confidence. We ladies know that it can be a lot of work to get “gorgeous,” and that it certainly isn’t free! But most of us have learned to look forward to our mani’s, pedi’s, sloughing treatments, and hair appointments. Sometimes it’s relaxing, and ultimately – emerging coiffed and confident is worth every minute and penny we spend!

Homes can be glamorous too! Yet they are not necessarily palatial or gilded floor-to-ceiling. Some quaint abodes are captivating due to their charm and attention to detail. However, the common thread here would have to be cleanliness! No matter how much Prada you drape yourself in, you can’t be glamorous if you’re still sweaty from working out. Similarly, a house with dog-furry Persian carpets and sticky granite countertops is not too alluring. (Do you see where I’m going with this?) Like a good makeover, putting some effort into our homes can yield similarly spectacular results. You can’t have a magnificent garden without getting your hands dirty. And you can’t get your house fresh and clean and pretty without a little elbow grease. But if you do it right, it doesn’t have to be an entirely miserable chore!

Glamorize your house

Here are 6 easy steps to GLAMORIZE your home:

1. MAKE IT FUN! Put on your happy pants, stash the mopey, procrastinating attitude and get excited about what you have! Get even more excited about how GREAT it’s going to be when you’re finished! Later on, enjoy the feeling of accomplishment as you achieve each little step, and relish the end product by admiring and utilizing your improved surroundings.

2. CUT THE CLUTTER!  Donate or throw away all unused/worn out/excessive clothes, toys and household items. Working around junk makes it harder to clean. Once you’re left with only what you really need or love, you can figure how to make it all functional and fabulous…

3. Develop a simple organizational system cleaning cartto deal with important things like bills and car keys, and potential clutter like dirty laundry, shoes, junk mail and school stuff/sports equipment. Check out places like Pinterest or Real Simple to get some clever, easy ideas!

4. Invest in a quality vacuum cleaner. (HINT, HINT – we can help you with this part!) Vacuuming is a little more glamorous with done with a cool machine, but the real reward is in the stunningly clean results! A quality vacuum is your single greatest weapon in tackling embarrassing (and health-compromising) filth in every area of the home – from yucky fur on furniture and floors to allergens on mattresses and air vents. Be sure to get the right type for your flooring. Stick with bagged models with true HEPA filtration. Award-winning machines like by Miele are not only exquisite to look at, but are technological marvels that truly make the task of vacuuming faster and easier!

Caldrea rosewater Driftwood cleaner5. Deep clean with natural cleaning products. Avoid allergic reactions and unnecessary wear to many household surfaces with gentle, yet effective natural choices like baking soda, vinegar or pre-made products like those made by Mrs. Meyers Clean Day or Caldrea!  A clean home is healthy and inviting! These fresh, natural scents are often aromatherapeutic and/or have natural germ-fighting properties, and are safer than synthetic detergents and cover-up sprays.

6. Invest in a few key décor items that really excite you! Use these as a reward once you’ve cut your clutter and cleaned. Try a set of sumptuous throw pillows, a dramatic floral arrangement or a wonderful painting to add beauty to your home and motivate you to keep things organized!

We all desire a little glamour in our lives. In our HOME we want something attractive that draws us (and others) in, showcases the best side of our personality (and helps keep our bad habits in check.) It should be comfortable, clean and efficiently serves our family’s needs. Like a movie (or my beauty routine) achieving that can be a big production. But with the right tools, tips and outlook, it can be a cathartic process that delivers an Oscar-worthy result! (Do suddenly feel the urge to install RED CARPET down your hallway, don some stilettos and vacuum the night away?)

Author: Queen Vac

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