The Dirt on DUST…

What’s in that stuff, and you do you really want to touch it?

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Summertime, the beach, vacations…Just can’t get enough of them, can you? Well, you have to come HOME eventually, and I’m sure your dustbunnies are eagerly awaiting your return! You may even add to their family as you bring back piles of sand, fur from overheated/shedding pets, weird bugs, not to mention your own “sheddings” as your exotic sunburn peels away. Eeeeewww! 

Dustbunnies are curious creatures. Made up of all kinds of questionable substances they seem to have a mind of their own, and they multiply – well, like rabbits! The only good thing about them is that they are clearly visible, which makes them easier to hunt. Dust on its own can be much more difficult to tackle – and that’s no good because it’s creepy stuff! Not only does dust migrate into hard-to-reach places, it is easily made airborne again so you have to be sneaky!

“Oh, who cares about capturing every speck of dust? And what’s the big deal if you touch it?” you ask. If you doubt dust’s creepiness, read this
Time Magazine online article entitled What’s In Household Dust?
In a nutshell, dust is made of: 

–       shed bits of human skin

–       animal fur and dander

–       decomposing insects and their fecal matter

–       food debris

–       lint and organic fibers from clothes, bedding and other fabrics

–       tracked-in and/or airborne soil particles

–       pollen

–       meteorite particles & volcanic ash

–       soot

–       particulate matter from smoking and cooking

–       scant amounts of lead, arsenic, DDT, etc.
(from sources like volcanoes and industrial processes)

Although household dust will not harm most people, it doesn’t take much of these allergenic particles to make some people miserable. Therefore it makes sense to eliminate as much dust as you can (without driving yourself crazy.)


Top Tips to Minimize Dust:

  1. Take off your shoes in the house!
  2. Eat only at the table and clean the floor promptly when done
  3. Don’t smoke in the house
  4. Clean regularly and vacuum everything possible

The most effective tool in your arsenal for this task is your vacuum cleaner! A properly equipped model will remove dust from hard surfaces; floor and above. It will also pull up the deeply embedded dust from carpets, upholstered furniture, curtains and mattresses: These “soft” surfaces are where some of the most allergenic materials “live.” Using dusting attachments and the correct carpet nozzle is imperative! Furthermore only a “true-sealed HEPA” vacuum has the ability to pick up these particles without releasing them back out as exhaust, or leaking out of body seams. Bagged machines are the most hygienic choice as they minimize your exposure to the captured dust.

Bagless vacuums may pick up a lot of dust, but most leak, or spew, out an unsightly amount as well. Furthermore, they require an incredible amount of maintenance to keeping running optimally, having to becleaned out, by hand, monthly. This is a messy task that can make an allergic person very sick. If you own a bagless machine – we recommend assembling a simple BAGLESS VACUUM SURVIVAL KIT: mask, gloves, apron, drop cloth and bagged vacuum. (see top image)


Steps to maintain your BAGLESS vacuum at home:

  1. Line floor with newspaper or drop-cloth
  2. Plug in a spare bagged vacuum
  3. Put on: dust mask or respirator, elbow-length gloves and apron or smock
  4. Unplug bagless vacuum and position on drop cloth
  5. Carefully remove dust bin then empty into large, empty garbage bag
  6. Take bagged vacuum and vacuum out the bagless’ main housing, ducts, cyclone chambers, filters and exterior. Wipe down with cloth dampened with mild detergent spray.
  7. Replace primary and exhaust filters if older than 1 year OR wash washable filters then let dry for 24 hours
  8. Once dry, re-install all filters and reassemble unit.

 *OR*  Give up and bring it in to Queen Vacuum for cleaning/service!

If your machine is bagged, simply remove and replace your bag monthly. Replace your filters annually.

Ewww-AhhhSo if dust is getting on your nerves and/or in your nose – don’t freak out! It may kill your electronics, but is not likely to kill you. It yucky and sneezy, but can easily be tackled if you equip yourself with the right tools! So kick off your shoes, use a good bagged vacuum (often), then take a deep breath (of cleaner air!)   

Author: Queen Vac

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