We’re the WORST Salespeople… You should tell your friends!

Our Sales Pitch SucksDon’t worry – this newsletter will not be a self-deprecating bash fest. It will, as always, be filled with lots of useful information for you to apply to your life! But we like to be honest with our customers and friends. Our business relies heavily on word-of-mouth, so we thought we ought to make it clear to everyone that we are terrible salespeople.   

Some of you reading this are looooong-time customers, some of you may be new.  Those of you who have already bought vacuums or other supplies from us (hopefully) think what I’ve said is CRAZY, because you thoroughly enjoyed your sales experience here at Queen Vacuum!

Since I’m a terrible liar with a nagging conscience (two strikes against me already, right?) please allow me to clarify…

Our business is strong and we do quite well for ourselves. But we, like most, want to be even better! Although we repair countless vacuums each week, our favorite thing is selling new vacuums. It’s so fun and we’ve been told by customers that we are wonderful at it. However, we’ve been told by several of our regional manufacturer Sales Reps that we’re doing it all wrong!

It’s not that my team and I are not extremely good at what we do. We know our products in and out; we’re very kind, patient and teach our customers well. We genuinely enjoy the challenge of figuring out the perfect vacuum or cleaning product for your specific needs.  

Although we are eager and excited to help each of our customers,
we’re so afraid of coming off pushy. Why? Because we hate it when people do it to us! We have so much passion and knowledge to share but are, admittedly, a bit timid. Top salespeople are NOT afraid to share opportunity; ask the questions; push the boundaries. Guts and risk-taking usually yield impressive results. Timidity does not pave the way to early retirement, does it?


Too often, my team and I wait until someone walks in specifically asking to buy a new vacuum today. All the while, so many folks that walk in don’t even know we sell vacuums at all! Hmm…Might’ve been nice if we said something….oops.  If you ASK us a question, by golly we’ll tell you all you care to know! But we’re not going to spout pushy sales jargon to herd you into our showroom and trap you there until you buy something. …And thus, our sales number could be better.  It’s hard to tell someone not to fix the vacuum they just drug in and to buy a new one right now. And I just can’t look someone in the eye and tell them they should spend more than they can really afford or “need” features that they’ll never have a use for.


I am always happy to know what product and service resources are available to me and why they are important to take advantage of. But I don’t like being taken advantage of, nor pushed into decisions when I’m in a poor frame of mind. I know we, at Queen Vacuum, need to do a better job at letting the world know what products and services we provide. But rest assured, we won’t be showing up at your house and attacking your mattress with a vacuum, nor will we be cold-calling people at dinnertime. Could you tell others for us…Maybe? Please?



If you work in sales too, perhaps you can relate to this story. However, I certainly hope you are better at your job better than I! If you’re not, perhaps this will spur you to be a more empathetic as a customer. Regardless of what side of the sales counter we’re on, it’s important to remember that we are all just people: People with goals in mind, feelings, and hopefully a working conscience. And in order for everyone to get what they need, we have to work together! Consumers have to be forthcoming and clear about their needs and expectations – yet ideally, not belligerent or demanding. Salespeople need to be patient, informed, honest and good teachers – yet not arrogant, shady or pushy. Dramatic demonstrations, special incentives, excited voices DO really work. If they didn’t, nobody would buy anything and creepy salespeople would stop it already! But in our store, we don’t have the stomach for all that drama! If you don’t either – we encourage you to come to us when you need help about a vacuum (and to send your friends and family!)