Top Tops for Summer Trips

How a Vacuum and other clever products can save your sanity!

Summer is going sooooo fast! But many of you may still have some fantastic plans for what’s left. Maybe you’re packing up the family truckster and venturing cross-country to camp. Perhaps you prefer sunbathing pool-side at the beach club or are the “stay-cation” type. Whatever the case, the last thing you want is for messy mishaps or post-trip cleanup to suck the fun out of your precious family time!

How often had you said that “you need a vacation from your vacation?” Catching up on missed work is one thing…But spending spending too much time shaking sand (out of everything you own) or searching for “that funny smell” in the car is just infuriating. Spend more time sipping pina coladas or gawking at the Grand Canyon by following a few simple rules and keeping a few clever products on hand!


1) Plan ahead to deal with messes, then tackle them right away

2) Use multi-tasking products

3) If you smell something, say something

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*1) Small Vacuum Cleaners

– If you have the luxury of electrical hookup, keep a smaller-sized (plug-in) vacuum with extension hose vacuum in your cabana, cabin or RV. Use it to tackle excessive sand, creepy bugs and to suck out the air in space-saving bags (see below)

– Use a battery powered handheld wet/dry vac (even better with a car-charging adaptor) to gather dirt and food crumbs in these same places, plus the car! These little leftovers can really leave a post-vaca vehicle smelling funky fast – so tidy up periodically through your trip.


*2) Moso Natural charcoal sachets
– Odors are not meant to be just covered up. Since they are often indicative of an unhealthy situation, the source and/or gaseous byproduct ought to be removed. Made only of odor-absorbing charcoal, Moso sachets are perfect to keep inside duffel bags of camping gear or cabins to get rid of dampness, musty odors and unhealthy mildew. Adding no additional scent or chemicals they work wonders in a hot, stuffy car (especially if a dog is riding along.) Just place them out in the sun for a couple of hours to refresh. 


3) “Space Bags”, multiple sizes
– Using these vacuum-sealing plastic bags consolidate bulky items like sleeping bags, eve, coats and other clothes. They’ll seal out dust, water and bugs as well in the months/year between their next use.


4) Old Washcloth and Towel
– Keep a couple of these in the car. Paper towels are good too, but the wring-able fabric helps more on a big spill. They’re also great for brushing off sandy feet and beach chairs before loading in.

 5) Natural face/body wipes– Make sure they’re gentle enough for your face. But don’t worry they’ll work great on the rest of you – or even sticky spills on inanimate objects too!

*6) Organic alcohol + essential oil spray (preferrably lavender)
– I know, thinks sounds a little odd. But I keep a little spray bottle in my purse, beach bag, desk, car – everywhere! Why? Although this product is typically labeled as natural “deodorant” the two lonesome (yet amazing)

ingredients allow this spray to morph into hand sanitizer, antiseptic, bug repellant, air/fabric deodorizer, and cleaner for dozens of surfaces!

7) Used plastic grocery bags
– If your’re packing snacks for the car ride (or on the beach with carry-out garbage) pack some of these to corral apple cores, wrappers, recycling and the like. They’ll also keep wet bathing suits, muddy sneakers or “accidents” quarantined.

Maybe one day we’ll be able to take the cross-country road trip of our dreams or a really exotic vacation. Until then, we’ll be living vicariously through you! We can’t wait to hear your feedback about how YOU used these tips to make your trips more suck-cessful (and any other cool tricks you’ve discovered!) 

Beauty and the BEACH…How to prevent SAND from ruining your beautiful floors!

Sandy Feet

(Revised 9/5/2018)

This past weekend marked the unofficial END of summer – boooo!! However, here on the Jersey Shore, we have one last opportunity to enjoy the beach during what we call “Local Summer” (that is, once all the tourists  go away LOL!)  So pick a sweet spot in the sand and grab your umbrella drink…. you’re about to learn some awesome tips for making your life a lot easier when you get home from your last hoorah at the shore!

Ahhh…the sun, the waves! Sure you’re relaxing now…but you know your patience will come a little undone as you schlep home trailing half the beach with you in your bags, towels and bikini bottoms!  IT will be in the car, the garage, in the bottom of the washing machine, all over the hard floors and deep in the carpet. That’s right… SAAAAAAAND!  

Ugh, now it’s time to make dinner. The kids are starving. You hastily shove everyone’s gritty gear in their respective places while the kids get washed and the BBQ heats up. As the Mr. flips some burgers you resolve to ditch the dusting of Sea Bright beach that’s invaded your bare dining room floor. You reach for your trusty Swiffer and get sweeping. 1-2-3 quick swipes…looking good…4-5… scccrrraaaappe…. kkkkkkk… AAAGGHH! What’s happening?!

That, my friend, was the telltale sound of a saturated Swiffer. In other words, the cleaning cloth filled up with all that grit to the point where it’s now acting like sandpaper – NOT good for your floors! Furthermore, much of the sand will slip down into the cracks and crevices of the boards and the grout lines of tile.
A Swiffer or a sanding stick? Oh, who can tell?

Brooms and Swiffers have their place in the world, but it is NOT in-place of your vacuum cleaner. Simply put there is no better, safer, more effective way to remove fine dust, hair, crumbs and grit/dirt particles from your bare floors than vacuuming! Just make sure it’s the right kind of vacuum. Some are designed to clean only carpets and rugs or have attachments that most be switched around to work correctly.

Sand may indeed be beautiful and feel great between your toes, but have you ever asked your FLOORS how they feel? To your poor carpets and wood floors, sand is the enemy! We just learned how it can wreak havoc and dull wooden surfaces if not removed carefully. But did you also know that sand is destructive to your carpets and rugs?

Keep a spare little vacuum in your cabana, beach house or RV!

Sand is dense and quickly works its way into the deep recesses of carpeting. Ever notice how sometimes it goes through the back side of an area rug and starts digging into the flooring below? Sand is also microscopically sharp! The embedded particles slowly cut into the base of the rug’s delicate fibers as we walk over the top. This breaks the fibers apart destroying the rug form the bottom up! The most effective way to remove this dangerous grit is by slowly and thorough vacuuming with a high-quality machine. However, the vacuum must be equipped with a spinning brushroller/ “agitator”/ “beater bar” to move the carpet strands apart and deliver suction deep down where the sand is hiding. Straight suction (like you’d use on bare floors) just will not cut it on carpets.

Sand is beautiful, but belongs at the beach! So be armed with a great vacuum that can eradicate sand (and other offending particles) from your house in order maintain the original beauty of your floors, rugs and furnishings. There is beauty in cleanliness… it’s next to Godliness, some say! So, for heaven’s sake, can we take time to stop and smell the rose-scented countertop spray? Take not for granted the glisten of exquisitely polished granite, stainless steel and freshly-scrubbed grout. Consider how much heck you’re putting your poor floors through and stop treating your living room rugs like a doormat! Keeping your home clean and healthy is work, no doubt. But we all know that the right tools get each job done more quickly, easily and thoroughly!  And that’s what WE’RE here for!!  Enjoy the last bit of your summer and we’ll be seeing you soon….