about us

Hi! I’m Rachel, Co-Owner and operator of Queen Vacuum. Thanks or stopping by! Here’s a little bit of history on our wonderful little store!  (copied from our website “Business History” page)

Originally named “Graman’s Vacuum & Appliance Parts Company,” this business has been a familiar part of Red Bank, New Jersey for 60 years! Donald Graman and his wife started “Graman’s” back in 1954 in a small shop on Monmouth Street in Red Bank, New Jersey. In 1964 the family moved the business to their current location at 156 Monmouth Street. After serving in the Air Force their eldest son, Eugene, began working at the store full time and learning the trade.

Donald and Gene served their community together for decades. With innovative self-designed test equipment, talent and experience, they were able to fix a variety of vacuum cleaners and small home appliances.

Graman’s offered a variety of quality machines, bags, belts and accessories from a neat, well-stocked showroom located in a popular, central New Jersey location. With knowledge and professionalism they assisted their customers in finding the perfect vacuum for their unique needs. In 1979, Gene took over his father’s business, keeping up–if not improving–the same high standards of business excellence.

In 1995, John P. Decker joined his life-long neighborhood friend, “Uncle” Gene, at the vac store as extra help. Having a natural talent for mechanics and interaction with customers, John quickly picked up the workings of the business. Along with Gene, John soon became a virtual encyclopedia on the history, workings, and parts for almost all makes and models of vacuum cleaners! But in 1998, John left Graman’s to pursue the automotive field, where he eventually worked as an auto technician for such luxury car lines as Cadillac, Volvo, BMW, Jaguar and Audi.

Gene continued with his business until 2002, when he decided it was time to retire (and go fishing full-time!) Gene knew of only one person he trusted to continue the business his family began. That person was John. In January of 2003, John and his wife, Rachel, took over Graman’s. Once again, it became a little “Mom & Pop” store, reminiscent of yesteryear….

The store was graced with a feminine touch once Rachel joined full-time in 2006. Utilizing her skills in office management, marketing and graphic design, she helped take the business to the next level and helped John develop a fresh new brand for their store. With a snazzy website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, e-newsletter, new business cards and some updated signage, “Queen Vacuum” was introduced!The regal designation and brush-script logo evoke a 1950’s vibe – their subtle way of updating and modernizing the store, without losing the old-fashioned, established feel it had earned.

In 2011, the Queen “Empire” expanded to two locations after taking over “Monmouth Vacuum & Sewing” of Neptune City. With that, the team also grew to include Erika (N.C. Manager,) and our office/sales assistant Sarah – what an incredible bunch! However 2014 turned out to be bittersweet. The Neptune City store was growing at an incredible rate as they expanded the former business’ product line and developed strong relationships with the customers – new and existing! But the night of August 12th brought forth a “Super Moon” on top of terrible torrential rain that flooded out the entire Neptune City Shopping Plaza. All stores in the strip suffered severe product and property damage as well a lot of downtime for renovations. Unable to serve customers well from this compromised location, they opted to move out and MERGE back into the thriving Red Bank location…A little sad, for sure. The bright side is that the entire “Queen” team then got to work together every day! The pooled resources and talent yielded a more pleasant, more efficient and less stressful working conditions for the team. Customers now enjoyed faster turnaround on repairs, even more dedicated time with the staff, extended operating hours and much more!

Over the next few years, “life happened” among the staff and members left on good terms, moving on or away to take care of family or pursue other business endeavors. Queen Vacuum has now come full circle, back to “mom & pop” status with just John and Rachel, operating all elements of the business alone. However years of experience afforded them the wisdom to consolidate & streamline the business operations in such a way that they are able to crank out the same amount of work and personalized service with a tiny, efficient staff!  (You’ll just find that they have to take off/close a few more days throughout the year to recover LOL!)

The most recent news involves our BIG MOVE from our historic Red Bank location to a bigger, more beautiful and convenient storefront in nearby Shrewsbury, NJ! This occurred in June of 2018, after many years of tirelessly searching for a new building in which to fit our growing line of product and customer base! Customers have been thrilled over how easy the new store is to access – usually right on their path to/from work or running other errands! And the expanded Miele vacuum showroom makes trying, buying (and learning how to use) a new machine a more comprehensive yet comfortable experience for individuals and families of all ages! We love to make learning FUN  – as well as keeping your home a clean, happy, healthy place – EASY!

Today as always, you can count on Queen Vacuum to “serve your modern-day needs the good old-fashioned way”… Visit today!  (But if you’re nowhere nearby, enjoy our online resources then CALL for us anything you may need shipped out to your door!)