A Very Sucky Valentine

If you love someone, don’t give them a vacuum!

Vacuum or rosesValentine’s Day is just around the corner. Isn’t it wonderful coming up with thoughtful ways to show our loved-ones we care? A nice dinner, chocolates, roses…a little cliché, but still very sweet. Some guys spring for jewelry…quite a statement.  I give my husband tools – hey, he likes that stuff! It’s the type of gift that keeps on giving, and actually makes us both happy. How’s that, you ask? He loves to work on his cars and nice tools make it so much easier for him to do that.  Easier work = happy man. Fewer bloodied knuckles = less gross laundry I have to do. So are practical gifts the real formula for romance?? Well, I guess it depends….


Maybe I’m weird, but I really appreciate gifts that are useful. When someone hunts down and gives me an item that really makes my life a little easier or more comfortable – it shows that they cared enough to know my needs, and put thought into how to meet them.  For example, my hands are always cold.  When my husband gave me a box of those silly little hand warmer packets, I was just delighted!  He found me a gift (albeit small) that showed me he had listened to my complaints, and really solved an annoying problem.  Those little packets make me feel so much better, and I can’t help but think of his kindness when I feel the circulation resuming in my frigid little digits.

Okay, you knew I had to sneak in something about vacuum cleaners – that’s what this blog is about right? And given a vacuum’s incredibly practicality, doesn’t it seem natural that one would make a great Valentine’s present?! Well, as much as I’d like to convince you of that, I must urge that you use caution…

You know you’re loved one better than I do. Would he or she take your gift as an insult, a not-so-subtle hint that they need to clean? Or would that person be overjoyed at your generous expression to help ease the monotony and drudgery of his/her cleaning routine? Beyond that – even if your honey would find your efforts heroic, are you confident that you could pick the perfect vacuum for him or her? There are so many styles and features to choose from…

A person will love their vacuum when they’ve been matched together well. It’s a relationship much like any other. (Professional help never hurts either.) Everyone’s cleaning needs are different, as well as pet peeves, preferences and physical limitations.  It can be difficult to pick the vacuum that exactly meets the criteria for any given individual – even for the individual! And a vacuum itself might be great, but if not a good fit for its owner, becomes lousy.

So if you love someone and want to give them a thoughtful, useful gift for Valentine’s Day…DON’T just buy them a vacuum, silly….give them money or a gift certificate to Queen Vacuum so they can come pick one out for themselves!


Author: Queen Vac

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